Anonymous asked: Hi, I think your writing is actually very good, especially if English isn't your first language (is it?) can I have a ship please? I'm 5'4 ish, idk I could be a bit taller I have a skin tone like Rihanna's and long black hair that always in big curls at the end because I'm too lazy to straighten it :) my eyes are brown but look purple in the dark according to my friends :S and I like music and Disney movies and stupid jokes that no one gets. ILYYYY <3


Awwwwwww thank you so much, you make me smilee ^^ And you made my day ♥ No, it isn’t, my first language is spanish hahaha. aww thank you so much again and i love you so so so much ♥ You look so nice :))) I ship you with Nash ^^ And i love you more bae